Susan Carol Wainwright

Title: Teacher
Company: Novi Community School District
Location: Plymouth, Michigan, United States

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Ellen C. Averill

Ellen C. Averill Title: Secondary Education Science Educator, Department Chair (Retired)

Company: Kendrick High School

Location: Cataula, Georgia, United States



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Ethel “Sue” Susan Palmer

Ethel "Sue" Susan PalmerTitle: Technical Information Specialist (Retired)

Company: Chevron Oil Field Research Company

Location: Fayetteville, New York, United States



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Natanya Wachtel, PhD

Natanya Wachtel, PhDTitle: Founder and Managing Partner; Chief Community Officer

Company: New Solutions Factory;

Location: New York, New York, United States


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Chi Yu Hu, PhD

Chi Yu Hu, PhDTitle: Professor Emeritus, Physicist (Retired)

Company: California State University, Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, California, United States


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Sheila S. Stiles Jewell, PhD

Sheila S. Stiles Jewell, PhDTitle: Research Geneticist, Marine Biologist

Company: U.S. Department of Commerce

Location: New Haven, Connecticut, United States


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